After a few Rhynchostylis coelestis failures, I’m willing to give this stunning species another go.

Rhynchostylis coelestis has always been one of my favourite orchid species. When in season, it produces upright spikes with many closely packed fragrant flowers. It’s a relatively short vandaceous orchid with thick alternating leaves, giving it a ‘neat’ appearance and requires less space than some of those towering strap-leaved vanda hybrids.

I used to have the more common blue or violet variety. Sadly, it died on me.

My second purchase, a white variety, also died one me. At that point, I concluded that I’m a coelestis killer. Wounded by failure, I vowed never to get another coelestis¬†again (within 6 months).

Well, time heals all wounds as they say and by chance, during one of my orchid buying trips, there was a beautiful pink Rhynchyostylis coelestis for sale. It had an impressive foxtail spike filled with crystalline white, pink-edged flowers. Gosh! A pink coelestis right before me. On a sale rack! I knew in that instant, that any form of resistance is futile. Next thing I knew, it came home with me in my sedan.

The spike faded and it soon rewarded me with another burst of pink-infused flowers. Here is the second blooming under my care:

‘Cause pink is the love you discover


Pink, its not even a question


My only non-blurry photo of the spike and a fly decides to drop a photobomb.


The whole plant, flowering again in the pot it came in.

The plant came in a pot packed with coconut chips. To keep it healthy in the long-run, I had to repot it in a basket. You can read how I do that here.

Here it is, a few weeks after I’ve moved it to a basket. You can see its original smaller basket still intact. New, plump roots have started to grow:

In it’s new basket with bits of charcoal and broken brick.

Let’s pray this Rhynchostylis coelestis ‘pink’ stays with me a lot longer, if not, forever.