A yellow Renanthera Kalsom stands out among its red cousins.

Anyone who is familiar with Renanthera orchids knows that when they decide to bloom, they often do so with a bang. Numbering by the hundreds, Renanthera flowers are so bright and intensely red, they appear to pop mid-air. This ability to give a visual feast is an endearing quality that has made this genus very popular.

Renanthera Kalsom (Ren. philippinensis x Ren. storiei) exemplifies the best traits of this genus. The red flowers are arranged with mathematical perfection on a branching inflorescence and remind us of Chinese firecrackers before they are lit. When all are opened, the flowers look like they are on fire!

So it comes quite as a surprise when I came across a yellow Renanthera Kalsom at an orchid show. Among its red cousins, it stands out more than anything.


Gorgeous, right?


Very long branching stems hold numerous yellow flowers.


Renanthera Kalsom ‘Yellow’. Typical red form can be seen in the background.


Should you wish to know what the plant looks like – tall monopodial vandaceous hybrid.


Renanthera orchids generally do well under bright light, just a notch below full sun. They are robust plants and will grow very tall under the right conditions and regular feeding.