I grow a Renanthera Singaporeans in a shabby corner among my messy Dracaena and other ornamental plants. I bought it several years ago as a young seedling and left it alone most of the time. It obviously enjoys the benign neglect because today, it’s almost four feet tall and has for the second time, put forth a branching spike full of captivating chilly-red flowers.

Renanthera Singaporeans

The flowers of Renanthera Singaporeans are slender, open and a little smaller in size than the other larger Renanthera hybrids. They are quite densely arranged on a branching spike, but in a mathematically orderly way, if you know what I mean. Once all are opened, the mass of flowers is a stunner.

If red is your colour, then this is for you.

Renantheras grow easily under hot, humid conditions and bright light. Some can tolerate full sun, but I find the leaves of my Renanthera Singaporeans tend to burn under direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day.  So I keep mine in between other plants to give it a bit of shade from the intensity of the midday sun (hence the shabby corner placement).

I water this Renanthera once a day in the morning. The rain usually takes care of the late afternoon session. If I remember to, I fertilise it with a balanced 20-20-20 fertiliser at half strength.

The dense bunch or reds.


The super spike! I could count five branches.