I may be a few days late, but a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all who are celebrating! It’s a time of traditions, well-wishes, respect, and of course, good food! Here in Malaysia, we toss the traditional fish salad for luck and prosperity (and toss away our diets too. We deal with that in the aftermath).

Firecrackers are cracking and red packets are opening but alas, I only have one flowering orchid to show on such a festive occasion. It’s this yellow spotted no ID vanda:

That vanda which has no name. Pretty, ain’t it?


Bright looking spike.


I wish I had more to show, like this wonderful Coelogyne rochussenii. It’s my uncle’s.

My uncle’s Coelogyne rochussenii flowering spectacularly beneath his mango tree. It’s fragrant too.


In case you didn’t know, it’s the year of the dog, so do check out what fortunes bestow upon your animal sign in the Chinese zodiac. I shall leave it to you to Google and explore. KONG XI FA CAI!

What do you mean I’m FAT?