I used to be a total sucker for pure white flowers. Any bloom that is devoid of blush, solids, stripes or splashes was extraordinary to me, like it missed a turn in nature’s production line and came out of the wrong end.

Which, sort of explains my fondness for this Dendrobium dearei. Most Dendrobium deareis carry a hint of of lime or yellow down the throat. But there is none of that in this variant which makes it very special IM(very)HO. It’s a keeper for sure.

This Dendrobium dearei is pure and clean.

Dendrobium dearei likes hot, tropical conditions with high humidity and frequent watering. The pencil-thin canes can grow to be quite tall and the flowers are long-lasting. I have read that they are fragrant but I couldn’t detect any on this one.

Not such a big bunch, but I like them anyhow.

There are two forms of Dendrobium dearei: the more commonly available form from the Philippines, and the Sabah form. The latter appears to have more slender petals but is just as beautiful:

The Sabah (Borneo Malaysia) form of Dendrobium dearei. Make this my next hunt (picture by Zainal Abidin from this forum post).