What’s up, reader, and welcome to Pick An Orchid. I’m a keen orchid hobbyist in Malaysia who keeps a modest collection of orchids in a small corner of my somewhat disorganised garden. In between inspecting, caring and obsessing over my ‘babies’, I enjoy taking their pictures once in a while, like any trigger-happy ‘parent’ would. Then, I share them here.

But why stop at my own. I take pictures of fine specimens from the occassional orchid show and exhibition too. You’ll see many of those here as well.

I will also share a few culture tips, or more precisely, my experience in growing orchids here in a tropical climate. The internet is replete with material on growing orchids in a temperate weather, but falls short with information on raising these beauties under hot, humid skies, cyclical monsoons and pests of all kinds. Perhaps I can address this imbalance, who knows.

In any case, whether you’re just starting out with orchids or simply looking for a reference picture, I hope my blog site gives you what you’re looking for.

Happy viewing, and happy growing!

Shaun L


A note: All pictures in this website belong to me. If you’d like to use any of them for any reason, kindly drop me an email (pickanorchid@gmail.com) and I will respond to you as soon as I can.