Vascostylis Prapawan (or Vandachostylis Prapawan, as it’s been renamed today) is one of my all-time favourites. Violet, tessellated 3-inch diameter flowers sit spirally on a tall, upright ‘spike’, making this orchid a regular showstopper and award-winner at shows. I find its colour simply stunning and regal, thanks largely to its equally beautiful parents: Vascostylis Tham Yuen Hae and Vanda coerulea (the ‘Blue Vanda’).

Vandachostylis Prapawan

Vascostylis Prapawan


Vascostylis Prapawan is also pretty easy to grow. Give it the same condition as strap-leaved vandas – bright light (30% to 50% shade), weekly feeding and a course, fast-draining medium to grow in. Here in the tropics, I water this twice a day, once in the morning and again in the late afternoon. Because of my work schedule, I’ve been skipping the second watering but these orchids really don’t mind a bit.

My Prapawan so far, has been a shy bloomer, probably because of its Vanda coerulea parentage, which favours cooler climates for that flower-power push.

These stunners on the left and below are from a show. Fingers crossed that my baby would look like this one day.


Vandachostylis Prapawan

Vandachostylis Prapawan – Showstopping colour and tesselation