A winning intergeneric vandaceous hybrid

This is another winning intergeneric vandaceous hybrid displayed at the Perdana Gardens (aka Lake Gardens) Orchid & Bonsai show, KL recently.
There were about 2 or 3 plants of this hybrid in competition. I took pictures of 2 of them – the paler one was a category winner and overall runner-up – while the other, a rich violet one (pic above) looked a lot more stunning in my opinion with its clean petals.
Vandachostylis Sasicha is also known as Vascostylis Sasicha by many (the genus, vascostylis underwent a name-change by the RHS).
Quite a few amazing Aerides lawrenceae intergeneric hybrids were displayed at the show. More pics of these to come…


Vandachostylis Sasicha x Aerides lawrenceae


The winning plant