If pink is your colour, then this vandaceous orchid will win your heart.

Vandachostylis (previously Vascostylis) Pine Rivers is a commonly grown hybrid between Rhychostylis coelestis and Vanda Peggy Foo. It comes in a variety of colours, from violet (the ‘Blue’ cultivar) to orange to red, and here, pink.

I grow one of these. It thrives under bright light, daily watering and good air movement around the roots. It is an ideal plant for beginners who want to start with strapped leaved vandas.

Even though Pine Rivers is a relatively fuss-free orchid that is widely available, do not be hasty to relegate it as ‘common’ or unexceptional. At orchid shows, Vandachostylis Pine Rivers is a regular contender and has garnered numerous awards. Some cultivars come in truly beautiful forms with larger and more densely packed flowers on a tall, upright inflorescence.

Often found blossoming when nothing else is, Vandachostlyis Pine Rivers is a joy to grow for any hobbyist.

Vandachostylis Pine Rivers ‘Pink’ (Rhyn coelestis x V. Peggy Foo)


Vandachostylis Pine Rivers ‘Pink’


Vandachostylis Pine Rivers ‘Pink’ – plant


Vandachostylis Pine Rivers ‘Pink’