It’s 2016! How quickly another year has come to pass. As usual, my new year’s resolutions are ‘more orchids, less casualties’, or ‘less fuss, more selective purchasing’… something along those lines. My resolutions change throughout the year anyway, depending on time, budget and of course, patience.

So, to start the year, here’s a delightful Vandachostylis Janice Allison. It’s a hybrid between Vanda Phairots Sand and Rhynchostylis coelestis. I’ve decided that any cross that’s made up of at least half a Rhynchostylis coelestis will end up as something beautiful and Van. Janice Allison is no exception.

Vandachostylis Janice Allison – flower

Free-flowering and with blooms that look like a larger Rhyn. coelestis, this intergeneric vandaceous hybrid will thrive under warm conditions and bright, indirect light as for most strap-leaved vandas. I grow mine in a plastic pot with a few bits of charcoal and water it daily. Once a week, it’s fed a weak solution of 20-20-20 fertiliser (any generic brand. No fuss – new year’s resolution, remember?). Watch out for thrips in the folds of the flowers, though.

Van. Janice Allison – plant is compact and free-flowering.


A bunch of Vandachostylis (vascostylis) Janice Allisons on display at the World Orchid Conference 2011 in Singapore.