(Rhynchostylis coelestis x Vanda Blue Boy)

There is a lot going for the offspring of vanda orchids that have been hybridised with Rhynchostylis coelestis (I will post pics of this species in due course). The results are usually compact plants that bear numerous, densely packed flowers on an upright stem. Countless beautiful hybrids have been made with this species from Indochina.


Vandachostylis Blue Haze


Vandachostylis Blue Haze is a fine example with its intense lavender coloured blooms. This one obviously won the hearts of judges at a local orchid show, having received an award (I forget which category). Evidently, the plant must have been a prolific bloomer – every point along its trunk showed past flower stems plus, a new spike can be seen emerging. This ‘blue’ beauty is clearly not shy.

Vandachostylis Blue Haze – Plant

Like most strap-leaved vandas, they do well in open baskets with no media as long as there is adequate watering, warmth and humidity. And of course, give it the brightest light you can without sunburning and it will reward you with year-round blooms.