Vanda Yeo Geck Bee is one of the older vandas I’ve owned. I bought it as a seedling about oh, more than 7 years ago, I think? Today, standing two feet tall, it puts out an impressive show with double spikes of rich, magenta-spotted flowers. Me happy!

Vanda Yeo Geck Bee


But this vanda hasn’t always been so generous. Up until recently, it did not flower much at all. A move to a brighter, sunnier spot (to the point where the sun singed a couple of leaves) fixed that. Who needs high P or K fertilisers? Just gotta find the light!

Vanda Yeo Geck Bee – close-up


I’ve promptly repositioned it to another spot where it now sits happily under filtered light.

Vanda Yeo Geck Bee – with a dragonfly!


Vanda Yeo Geck Bee was previously named under the genus, Ascocenda. It is a hybrid between Vanda Ooi Boon Huat and Vanda Memoria Choo Laikeun. Grow under bright, filtered light, warm temperatures and water daily.