I’m hugely excited over my latest acquisition – Vanda Veeraphol Fragrance. It’s a primary hybrid between Vanda liouvillei and Vanda brunnea, two rust coloured species with distinctively large lips (V liouvillei has a forked one).

The flowers are small, waxy and are arranged openly on a spike that has bent due to their weight. Plus – and this is a big plus, at least for me anyway – they are red-brown and fragrant.  Yes! I’m quite a sucker for brown, fragrant vandas. Couldn’t pass this one up when I saw a few pots at Lum Chin nursery.

The few that were on flower were marginally different from one another in colour tone and flower arrangement. Some were more upright, but I chose this for its colour richness. It’s more red as you can see.

As this Vanda Verraphol Fragrance was bought in flower, I cannot take credit for bringing it to bloom. I hope it takes to its new, warm spot along with my other vandas, notwithstanding the fact that both its parents originate from the cooler tropics of Myanmar and Thailand.




The backs of the flowers are a stark contrast from the font.