It’s been a long time since my last post. Was away on a much needed holiday. Well, I’m back, and aside from feeling a little ‘bluesey’ after having a great time abroad, I’m ready and eager to get back into my posts.
Here is my small-sized Vanda Pralor (syn Ascocenda Pralor). This is one orchid which seems to benefit from my benign neglect. It is almost sunburnt, I hardly check on it for pests (which, much to my alarm, it had mealy-bugs in the old leaf-folds of its stem when I did!), and wild epiphyte ferns share its pot.
It puts out small, intensely orange flowers now-and-then, just to remind me that it’s still there. Quite a pretty thing, I must say.
Vanda Pralor is a cross between Vanda Meda Arnold and Vanda miniata (Ascocentrum miniatum).

Vanda Pralor


Vanda Pralor – another blooming


Vanda Pralor – close-up


Vanda Pralor – early spike