Vanda limbata is an easy-to-grow vanda from Java and Sulawesi to the Philippines.

Almost full sunlight and frequent watering will suit this vanda well. It is hung by the edge of a few palm trees in my garden, which offer some shade during the brightest part of midday.

I grow and see a lot more of the red form of Vanda limbata (pictured here) than the yellow Javanese form. V limbata is quite variable and this red form is believed to be from the Philippines.  The flowers are small, about 3 cm and have a slight cinnamon-like fragrance.

The leaves of this vanda have a tendency to get ‘spotty’. I do wonder if it is the leaf fungus, Phyllosticta capitalensis, but have my doubts as it doesn’t seem to spread to other plants. I think it is quite typical of this vanda as I’ve noticed it on other V limbatas at a nursery.

Mature plants can put out a spectacular show of flowers as seen here from orchid shows.

Vanda limbata

Vanda limbata – inflorescence

Vanda limbata flowers