I bought this little thing as a Vanda miniata (ascocentrum miniatum) but after some online searches, I’m more inclined to believe that it’s a Vanda garayi.

The plant is barely three inches tall and I thought it would never bloom. After a spell of seasonal thunderstorms, the sun broke and as if on cue, a spike emerged.

Miniature buds – we’re in for something!

The flowers are neatly arranged in an upright spike and boy, do they pack a punch! Tiny, orange, and shimmering under the sun, they stand out brightly among the green foliage. It’s certainly a must-have for any orchid enthusiast.

Behold! The mini mightly Vanda garayi

I grow my Vanda garayi in a three-inch pot filled with small pieces of broken brick and charcoal. Facing east, it enjoys direct sunlight up to about 11 am. It’s watered daily and fed a weak solution of 20-20-20 fertiliser weekly, which I alternate with organic or 12-27-27 fertilisers. Sometimes, I forget but no harm. Less is more.