Not commonly seen, this large orchid from the jungles of Borneo produces one inch patterned flowers along its long, pendant stems.

Trichoglottis uexkuelliana


I can tell you about this orchid as much as what I can find from Jay Pfahl’s orchid species website. Or I can tell you that most photos of this species on the internet belie the magnificence of this orchid when you see it for real. This orchid is indeed, huge! The stems stretch for several feet long and hang pendantly like a vine.
If you are into large species and have enough space in your garden, then Trichoglottis uexkuelliana could be an interesting orchid for your collection. Grow it as a hanging epiphyte and give it hot, humid conditions year-round under 50% shade. It can reward you like the picture here.

Trichoglottis uexkuelliana – plant (Coelogyne rochussenii in the background)