My website’s database hit a small problem recently which I wasn’t aware of until a few days ago when I tried to post an entry. It must’ve been offline for a quite while – a very disconcerting thought. Well, it’s been resolved now.’s back online. Should’ve caught this earlier, but work has been CRAZY.
Back to orchids … here’s the popular Tolumnia Golden Sunset, a small but incredibly pretty orchid that can produce a very wide range of colours. Also known as ‘equitant oncidiums’, tolumnias fit well in small spaces and brighten up an otherwise dull corner of your garden. They can be prone to rot if over-watered and therefore, do well mounted on fern-slabs or other fast-draining medium. Apartment dwellers should love this one. However, if placed on a balcony, it should be watered more frequently if the high-rise breeze is too drying.


Tolumnia Golden Sunset – yellow

Tolumnia Golden Sunset – pink