It’s December. The sun has shifted. Shady spots back in June now face the brunt of the direct sun while sunny spots now get shade or dappled light. This reversal in light levels has worked nicely for some plants. However for a few others, it meant sunburnt leaves.

Sunburn on my Den bicaudatum 🙁 But notice the new spike!


It’s the rainy season and yes, it’s a little cooler too. Still, that does not mitigate the intensity of the sun when the skies clear. Orchids not accustomed to full sun, do get sunburnt.



Sunburnt vanda


Clearly, the best course of action is to move the plants to a shadier location. But there is nothing I can do about the sun-damaged leaves. The only consolation I have – and this is a big, happy consolation – is that the UV stress has made some of my orchids bud.

Same sunburt vanda producing buds! Too much light can have its rewards 🙂


So, if your orchids are not flowering, try putting them under the sun to the point of NEAR sunburn. They just might reward you with flowers for that extra UV. But please, please take my advise with caution! The last thing I want for you this Christmas is to end up with sunburnt orchids. Cheers!