The label on this says (Rhynchostylis) gigantea x (Papilionanda) Mimi Palmer.

Could it be? It’s a tall, healthy looking vanda. Flower-count isn’t as high as a gigantea but it appears to inherit some very nice traits from both the parents, assuming the label’s correct.

I wouldn’t mind having this in my collection. Arching inflorescence, faintly tessellated petals, soft violet lips and all. Must have been fragrant too (I didn’t take a whiff).

The stap-leaved tower.


A closer look at the ‘gigantea x Mimi Palmer’

To grow this, I would give it – like many strap-leaved vandas – bright, diffused light (not direct sunlight), warm to hot temperatures, daily watering, weekly fertilising and an open pot with coarse charcoal pieces for it to cling to. You could also go pot-free and let the roots hang but make sure it gets a heavy dose of watering every day.

By the way, rhynchostylis x papilionanda = ?