Like many orchids of this genus, Renanthera Singaporeans (Kalsom x Tom Thumb) impresses with its numerous Chinese fire-cracker red flowers on a single branching inflorescence. When grown well, its flowers add a striking splash of red to any tropical garden.

Renantheras are robust growing, tall vandaceous orchids that could tolerate almost full sun, regular fertilising and lots of water and warmth.
Be careful though, I had one of these which succumbed to a fungal rot because of over feeding with an organic fertiliser (goat-poop pellets!). Luckily, it branched out 2 keikis before the mother-plant went completely downhill. The 2 keikis are doing fine on their own, but it will be some time before they mature into flowering-sized plants.
These pictures are taken from an orchid show. A huge hornet (or wasp?) seems to have taken a liking to its pollen.


To bee or not to bee? A hornet on Renanthera Singaporeans

Renanthera Singaporeans

Renanthera Singaporeans – plant