I have three Renantanda (Kagawara) Christie Lows grown from small seedlings purchased from a vendor’s booth some time ago. They were picked up from the bargain bin along with an assortment of other seedlings (I forget what those were).

One of the Christie Lows put up a spike of bright red flowers which I posted here two months ago. Bold, striking and unmissable, the flowers from this old hybrid were awesome.

Another one of my Renantanda Christie Lows finally bloomed recently. Much to my delight, it was a ‘pink’ variety. Under the sunlight, the colour shimmers like electric magenta. What a stunner it is!

Pink or ‘electric magenta’?

I grow my Renantanda Christie Lows practically under full sun, with a little bit of shade coming from the other companion plants. Its leaves are almost yellow from the strong sunlight – not something which I deliberately subject them to – but that these are large plants and I’m really short of space at the shadier spots.

Space constraints aside, they are hardy plants and can take the light and heat (with temps up to 35°C, we’re on a heatwave!).

Kagawara Christie Low ‘Pink’.

I wonder what my third Renantanda Christie Low will turn out to be.