The seasonal monsoon has arrived. Blue skies hide behind dark ominous clouds. It rains and rains like there’s no tomorrow. Floods and landslides have hit hard up north and the weatherman predicts more rain to come.


While incessant showers can wreck havoc to the unprepared, it’s not all exactly doom and gloom for my outdoor orchids. If anything, the rain encourages root growth better than any mechanical attempts I’ve made.

Forget the vitamin B1s, root hormones, or seaweed extracts. For some reason, constant, prolonged showers do the job best. I can’t explain it. Take a look for yourself:

I don’t get roots like this when it doesn’t rain.


Plump and thicker than a pencil. The rain does wonders to the roots of my Rhynchostylis gigantea


The showers have breathed new life into my aging phalaenopsis.


‘Here comes the rain again’ for Vanda lamellata. Uh huh!


The Renanthera rain dance.  The tips are ‘tanned’ from the sun. Don’t worry. It’s a good sign.


Too wet? Not for my Paphiopedilum stonei. New roots are a sign of new life.

Isn’t this just the BEST?!

Source: WDR 1Live

So if you have a reasonably healthy orchid that’s a bit stubborn with putting out new roots, try putting it under the rain*.  The showers could do wonders.

*Avoid if your plant has a rot, of course.