If pink is your colour, then here are a couple of pink cattleyas to get you in the mood.

First is the pretty, bifoliate cattleya loddigesii. This variant has a beautiful soft pink (which many may regard as blue) and a white, bell-shaped lip. It’s hard to take one’s eyes off this one, don’t you agree? Cattleya loddigesii comes from South America, growing in the intermediate to warm areas of Brazil.


Cattleya loddigesii


Cattleya loddigesii – plant


Next, is the stunning cattleya violacea, another bifoliate cattleya species from South America. Again, this cattleya has beautiful soft-pink petals. What I find interesting with this species is its lip – it looks like the mouth of a smiling goat with lipstick! Cattleya violacea grows in more uniformly warmer temperatures than C loddigesii which should suit the climate here nicely.

C violacea


Cattleya violacea – plant