Also known as Doritaenopsis Sogo Vivien, this orchid produces an abundance of long-lasting, colourful flowers on a small, compact plant. The magenta-striped, pink to lavender flowers of this hybrid surely will brighten the mood of any orchid grower.
Doritaenopsis is an intergeneric hybrid between Phalaenopsis and Doritis, the latter imparting smaller plants and upright spikes to its “children”. Now, the Doritis species has been reclassified to Phalaenopsis, so if you have a collection of Doritis’ (Dorites?) or Doritaenopsis’ (…nopses? …nopsises?), you probably have to do a lot of relabelling.
Phalaenopsis or Doritaenopsis (Phal or Dtps), Sogo Vivien is most charming!


Dtps Sogo Vivien

Phalaenopsis Sogo Vivien (Phal Sogo Alice x Phal Zuma’s Pixie)