This is a beautiful, dark-coloured phalaenopsis mannii made from the cultivars, ‘Jungle’ x ‘Black’. The rich, wine-red flowers of this distinctive species are waxy and carry a faint fragrance.

Like many phalaenopsis orchids sold at nurseries, this species came home in pure sphagnum moss. But under the tropical climate here where seasonal typhoons dictate the rains, sphagnum is a big no-no for outdoor growing. It retains far too much moisture and is a sure formula for rot.

So, I repotted this mannii in a clay pot filled with the standard broken-bricks-and-charcoal, but with larger pieces to accommodate the rather thick, tough roots of this species. It does really well in this course medium. Air movement around its roots is a big plus.

I fertilise this weekly and like most of my phals, I use an organic fertiliser occassionally as this tends to plump them up a little bit.

This cross has nice colour. I really like this one.

Phal mannii x sib (‘Jungle’ x ‘Black’)


The Mannii in a claypot