Pick An Orchid went offline for four days at the end of last month. FOUR blooming days! Hard to believe, but I had bandwidth issues with my web hosting subscription. I had never anticipated hitting a limit, casually assuming from the start that PAO would not gain much traffic.

Thankfully, I’ve got it sorted out over one weekend. This website’s back online and with a new look. Ta da! Like it?

No major design overhauls, what’s important now is that you folks can browse Pick An Orchid on your smartphones without straining your eyes over impossibly small fonts. I can tick this off my ‘things to do’ checklist. Done!

Well, coming back to orchids, here is Phalaenopsis amboinensis, so named because this pretty orchid originated from the island of Ambon in Indonesia (and not because ‘amboi’ is an old expression for ‘wow!’ in Indonesian as I’d like to think).

A warm grower, Phalaenopsis amboinensis has attractive brown bars and can come in a creamy white or yellow base. The latter, as seen here, is much prized for producing yellow hybrids.

Phalaenopsis amboinensis

This species does well mounted on cork, wood or tree fern and watered daily as is the regimen for cultivating phalaenopsis species here in the tropics. Growing in upright pots is also possible. If grown this way, good drainage and drying off of the crown are essential to prevent rots.


‘Amboi!’ A healthy looking amboinensis


Phal amboinensis – a closer look


These pictures are taken at the Kuala Lumpur Orchid and Bonsai Show (KLOBS) 2015.