Papilionanda Paksorn Fragrance combines the best of Pd Mimi Palmer and Vanda insignis

This is one of my latest acquisitions and fast becoming a favourite. It is half Papilionanda (formerly Vanda) Mimi Palmer and half Vanda insignis. The combination has produced spotted flowers that are highly scented, like Jasmine on a hot day.

When will they bottle this scent? Source: classicalallure

As a bonus, each flower carries a most spectacular pink lip. Ooh lala!

Papilionanda Paksorn Fragrance (Papilionanda [Vanda] Mimi Palmer x Vanda insignis). Check out that pink lip!

This plant was very established in a plastic pot filled with nothing but coconut chips. It seems to thrive in this media but I think in the long run, the chips will only breakdown, get waterlogged and create problems for the roots. I don’t know how the nursery from where it came from managed to keep the media fresh, especially grown outdoors. They must have had a good chemical regime.

I will repot this after it flowers and will put up a post about it later.

The plant established in a pot with coconut chips.

Papilionanda Paksorn Fragrance comes recommended for anyone who loves growing strap-leaved vandas. If you’re familiar with conditions for this genera, it’s a pretty easy orchid to grow. Just give it bright light – not direct sunlight but about 50% shade – lots of water and regular feeding once a week. Very warm to hot temperatures will do it just fine.