Paphiopedilum richardianum is also known as Paph lowii var richardianum. Like P lowii, it can bear several flowers on tall spikes, but with shorter petals, a deeper lip and less intense colour. It is also not as commonly seen or displayed at exhibitions, being overshadowed by the more distinctive P lowii. Kind of like the bridesmaid among the two siblings.

Still, it’s a little charmer.

Interestingly, Paph richardianum is found in open grasslands under full sun on a small spot in the island of Sulawesi. Full sun? Hmm… I can handle a full sun paph.


Paph richardianum flowers


Paphiopedilum richardianum (Richard’s paphiopedilum)


Paph richardianum plant. Sorry about the distracting paph lowii in the background.