Paphiopedilum parishii is a large, beautiful multifloral slipper orchid with dark twisted petals. Why but of course – dark twisted petals! My soft spot takes a hit yet again. Not only that, it comes in a sweet apple green. Of COURSE it has to be green! Dark twisted petals. Green. Sort of like the Elphaba of orchids?

Paphiopedilum parishii

Originating from the cool to warm regions of northern Thailand, Myanmar and Yunnan China, paphiopedilum parishii has been known to grow epiphytically on trees but has also been found growing on mossy rocks. It gets lots of moisture year round from the rain and mist.

Paph parishii

I caught this spectacular species at the KL Orchid & Bonsai Show 2015. There were six flowers, all opened simultaneously on an arching inflorescence. I can’t imagine not picking one of these up if a vendor sells it. I bet it would be costly, not only on my wallet, but also eventually to the plant under the warm to hot growing conditions in my garden.

While I speculate on those possibilities in my head, let’s all just admire this remarkable paphiopedilum parishii for now.

Twisted petals.

Paph parishii – six flowers here, although they’ve been known to produce more.


The Paphiopedilum parishii plant. Did you notice those um…twisted petals?