This extraordinarily elegant slipper orchid was displayed without its label at an exhibition, but a few Google searches and photo references led me to suspect that it may be Paphiopedilum kolopakingii, possibly Paph kolopakingii var topperi, although the petals seemed slimmer on this one. I am open to correction.
Found only in central Kalimantan, Borneo, Paph kolopakingii was named after Mr Kolopaking (Liem Khe Wie) of Simanis nursery in 1983. The plant is unusually large with stiff, broad leaves and two multi-floral infrorescense carrying up to six pale beautiful flowers each.
If these were more widely available and cost not so much as an arm and a leg, I wouldn’t hesitate to get one in a wink. Experienced growers are going for the highly addictive and magnificent Paph rothschildianum nowadays, and understandably so. Personally, any large multi-floral Borneo slipper orchid such as this one will easily win my heart.
Mr Kolopaking, wherever you are, would you be feeling generous today?

Paph kolopakingii



Paph kolopakingii – closeup

Paph kolopakingii – plant