Today, I thought I’d post something just because it’s a leap day. So presenting: Paphiopedilum dayanum, a very elegant slipper orchid which, in case you’re wondering, has got no bearing whatsoever with leap days. My plant choice is as arbitrary as dipping my hand into a box of Smarties, as always.

Paphiopedilum dayanum comes from Sabah, growing among leaf litter under bamboo and base of trees on steep ridges. The flowers are known to be quite varied, yet distinctively shaped and with very recognisable characteristics. But to me, it’s the incredibly beautiful mottled leaves of this species that does it for me. In fact, I’d be quite content to grow it just for its leaves. They are like green marble.


The elegant Paphiopedilum dayanum with beautifully mottled leaves. Love the pot!