I have one Paphiopedilum concolor orchid.

It’s a cute little plant with firm, mottled leaves and clingy offspring that grow out from its sides.

paph concolor plant

It arrived home from a garden bazaar one afternoon and grew nicely without much fuss.

After a long wait, a bud appeared. Woohoo!

Paph concolor in bud

And then, it finally bloomed. At last! The creamy concolor reveals itself.


It’s a spotty fellow.

Well, the stem could’ve been longer and flower could’ve positioned itself better. It opened facing a leaf which got slightly in the way.

Although the colour’s a soft cream, it could’ve been more yellow (or so I see in my picture references).

Paph concolor – Look… spots!

But putting my ‘could haves’ aside, I would say this orchid is rather pretty. I’m happy with the way it turned out. It has character.

When I bought this, I was told by the vendor that this concolor has broader leaves and rounder flowers. I tend to concur (ha!).

Would I go hunting for other concolors? A tempting thought. Perhaps one day I would have a collection of happy concolors.

Paph concolor - top

I grow my Paphiopedilum concolor in a mixture of charcoal and course gravel, plus a few coconut chips as top dressing. Occassionally, I sprinkle gardening lime and old coffee grounds onto the media. Does this help? I don’t know. I’m still a novice with paphs, really.