It’s been another while since I posted. With a couple of staff movements happening at work and deliverables piling, pickanorchid has to take a momentary backseat. It even got in the way of my orchid shopping hunts which, if I look at it positively, can be a good thing for my wallet.

But, I’m determined to post something this month. While browsing through my folders, I came across a few paphiopedilum photos taken at shows with no tags or forgotten or misplaced IDs. It includes this one. I’m not sure, but it could be a Paph dianthum x spicerianum hybrid.

Take a look:

No ID, but possibly a dianthum x spicerianum

Here’s a closer look:

A close-up. Be mine today, oh pretty-pretty.


Here’s the full plant. You could probably make-out the label. I tried, and that’s what my guess is: dianthum x spicerianum

What do you think?