Barely six inches tall and growing in a 4 inch pot, this no ID mini dendrobium didn’t hold back when it came to flowering.

No ID dendrobium

There were two spikes emerging from its tallest pseudobulb. The flowers, although a little crowded, measured about 8 cm across and were large for such a small plant. The colour – creamy, white petals against a plum-infused throat – was equally impressive.
Flowers were long-lasting. They opened before I left for my two week holiday (around the Chinese New Year) and remained intact long after I came back. I would say, they stayed on the stem for about a month before a horrible orchid beetle larvae infestation took hold and reduced the flowers to Swiss cheese! You can see the damage in my previous post here.

A pretty no ID

In this tropical climate, I grow this no ID dendrobium in a typical media of broken bricks and charcoal. It is watered daily placed under shade cloth to give it bright but filtered sunlight.
Oh, and if you could identify its name, kindly drop me a note.