Just when I thought my phalaenopsis speciosa was growing as nicely as it can, a monster specimen at the Floria Putrajaya 2015 showed me bigger possibilities.

Big leaved and impressive, this speciosa had numerous spikes, each terminating with 2-3 pure white flowers. Typical of this species, some flowers had a petal here or there brushed with a shade of red-brown.  Obviously, this monster speciosa has never been out of flower.

The monster phal speciosa plant


What’s this I read about phal orchids flowering themselves to death? Bah! Doesn’t hold true here at all.


Phal speciosa (tetraspis?) flowers


Phalaenopsis speciosa is closely related to phalaenopsis tetraspis. Some experts have described the species as Phal testraspis var speciosa.  Separate species or not, phal speciosa (tetraspis) is a beautiful orchid to have in anyone’s collection.

Grow warm all year round under diffused sunlight, preferably mounted, lots of water and fertilised weekly but weakly.