If you’ve ever wondered how large a slipper orchid can grow to, this Paphiopedilum lowii will give you some perspective. For a multi-floral slipper orchid, this show specimen is huge. In fact, ‘huge’ won’t do it justice. It’s a MONSTER.

Monster Paph lowii – nice little plant, isn’t it?


The Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015 garden festival ended a week ago. A very popular highlight of the festival was their orchid show. Naturally as with every year, the show attracted many visitors and enthusiasts who came with their phone-cameras, point-and-shoots and the more advanced digital SLRs.

Sitting in the middle of the winners’ deck, was this monster paph lowii. Its owner must have given it the right care, treatment and growing conditions to get it to this incredible size and vigour. The leaves were long and coloured deep green, probably a shade deeper than what I would have expected, but hey, it must have worked for this lowii. Congratulations to its grower, whoever you are.

My pictures are not the best, but I hope they are good enough to be placed next to your paph lowii for visual encouragement.

I’ll be posting more pictures from the show in the next few days.

Paph lowii flowers


Paph lowii – close-up of flowers