Dendrobium Yaya – best hybrid

At least 60 perfect fuchsia-white flowers on 5 spikes – how can anyone possibly miss this magnificent miniature dendrobium. Not by any chance, which was why the judges have unanimously awarded this Dendrobium Yaya the best hybrid at the recent orchid show organised by the Shah Alam Orchid Club (KASA*).

Dendrobium Yaya

Small and no taller than about a foot, this mini den. was grown in a typical orchid clay pot filled with charcoal. It’s a prolific bloomer judging by the old spikes, and would even flower off the smallest of canes (note the little cutie spike in the picture below).

Dendrobium Yaya – side profile

What impressed me the most about this winner was how all its flowers gracefully faced the same direction. From the front angle, this orchid was quite a looker!

*Kelab Anggerik Shah Alam