I bought this plant as a Dendrobium Norman ‘Pam’ without flower. Now that it has matured and bloomed for the first time, I’m more inclined to think that it’s not a Norman but some other hybrid of Dendrobium stratiotes.

The lateral sepals are slender and tipped with yellow and the lip colour lacks the richness of Den Norman pictures I come across on the internet. It’s also a lot more yellow than a true Dendrobium stratiotes. ┬áStill, it’s pretty thing to have in my collection.

Dendrobium Norman ‘Pam’? I guess not.


This is a spatulata Dendrobium and can take close to full sunlight. It thrives with minimal care, just a ‘weekly weakly’ dose of a balanced fertiliser (21-21-21) and daily watering when it doesn’t rain.

The flowers last for almost 3 months, which is a real bonus.


There it is, the tall one behind the smaller Den antennatum.