About a week ago, the unthinkable happened: my external hard-drive crashed! Years of photos, gone. Lost! This was terribly heartbreaking. My folly of placing full dependence on a spinning machine has come to a head. Aren’t hard-drives supposed to last forever? AARGH!

I took ‘the Buffalo’ to a data recovery centre where they will do an ‘evaluation’. Let’s hope they could bring some, if not, all of my photos, documents and files back from death. Having watched ‘American Horror Story’, I know that this is going to come at a price. I pray it won’t amount to sacrificing a kidney.

Anyway, that’s enough drama for the day.

Back to orchids!

I went to up Cameron Highlands (it’s this beautiful place here) in the middle September for a show held by the Perak Orchid Society. It was organised in conjunction with their 50th anniversary and the grand opening of the Aranda Nova Hotel. The show was set up at the adjacent mall.

The show was great! There were several stunning species and hybrids to say the least and there must’ve been about a hundred or so orchids on display. I must commend POS for organising and successfully transporting these plants up here to the cool highlands.


The Phalaenopsis table of the Perak Orchid Society show.

To kick things off, let’s meet the wonderful ‘alien’, Dendrobium spectabile.

Dendrobium spectabile, the ‘alien’ orchid.

Placed on the floor because of it’s height, this large specimen was unmissable. The many canes were about three feet tall. Clearly, this was a very mature and extremely well cared for plant.

Check out the size of this thing!

What sets this dendrobium apart from so many orchids, are its gnarly, heavily twisted, alien-like flowers which I could only describe as ‘beautiful-ugly’ (if that makes any sense). And I have an insurmountable love for it for that reason alone.

I’ll let these photos speak for themselves.

The wonderful, gnarly and deformed-looking flowers of Dendrobium spectabile.


More spectacular spectabile flowers.


It is so fabulous, it needs some restraint.

Dendrobium spectabile belongs to the Latouria section of the genus. They hail from the hot rainforests and mangrove swamps from Papua New Guinea and from what I read, does well in very bright light.

I have two small Dendrobium spectabile plants. They started off from one seedling that was divided into two. Both have long way to go before they get to blooming size. I don’t know if they will flower when they’re all grown up – growers here have reportedly found it challenging to do so, possibly because the day and night temperatures are too constant. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

More pics from the show coming soon!