Like many Dendrobiums of the Latouria section, Dendrobium finisterrae has beautiful flowers that are spotted, hairy and somewhat bizarre.

This impressive Dendrobium finisterrae was exhibited at a local show last year. It was a little ‘monster’ (as are so many plants at these shows) that carried several pseudobulbs and dozens of flowers. Its broad, dark green leaves suggest that this plant probably preferred lower light levels than most dendrobiums that I’m accustomed to. Clearly, it didn’t seem to inhibit its flowering.

The most curious thing about this Dendrobium was of course, it’s flowers. They didn’t appear to open fully and the back of the yellow sepals were not only spotted but covered with fine, bristly hairs. Up to 8 – 12 flowers can be found on each inflorescence.

According to the orchid species website, Dendrobium finisterrae hails from the cooler mountain forests of Papua New Guinea where I imagine it receives constant moisture from the mist and rain. Unless I live up in the mountains too, it’s best this orchid stays away from me.

I don’t have a lot of experience growing Latouria dendrobiums, so I’ll leave the culture notes for this amazing species to the world wide web.