Dendrobium bicaudatum has yellow-green flowers that last a long time. Originating from Sulawesi, this spatulata dendrobium likes hot climates and bright light.

Small to medium sized, Dendrobium bicaudatum has long, slender canes that look as though they could not hold themselves up properly. In fact, at Lum Chin nursery where I bought this orchid from, pots of this species were hung 45° at an angle and the canes were overhanging semi-pendulously. I prefer grow mine upright, with some wire support.

Dendrobium bicaudatum

The two ‘antelope’ petals of the flowers open short in the beginning, and take about a week to fully elongate. There is a mild scent. I’ve seen brown forms on the web with petals that twist a little more. Flower-count is few, about five on a single stem.

Shorter ‘horns’ at first


Den bicaudatum – plant, showing slender canes


This dendrobium species is easy to grow. Do not repot this orchid unless you have to – leave it alone to establish in its pot and it will grow vigorously.