Dendrobium anosmum is one of the old favourites of many experienced growers. Flowering annually from March to May, it puts out numerous exquisite flowers that alternate along its long, leafless canes. Interestingly, ‘anosmum’ means scentless in Latin, which is ironic considering how the flowers smell like raspberry!

The raspberry scented Dendrobium anosmum

While easy to grow and care for, bringing Dendrobium anosmum to flower can be a tricky affair. In its natural habitat, the orchid goes into dormancy from December to January when the days are drier and the nights, cooler. The canes will also start to lose their leaves during this time.

But in some regions like here in KL, December is the start of the monsoon season. So keeping it away from the rain is essential or it will skip its dormant period and produce less flowers come March.

Close-up of flower


Love how the flowers alternate


You can almost smell it!


A multi-flowering Dendrobium anosmum never fails to impress.

The impressive plant shown here is from a show.