Typical of many spatulata dendrobiums, Den Wendy Lim Shuang Shuang has tall, elegant canes and numerous flowers with twisty petals.
This is one orchid which I really would like to own but don’t know where to get one.  I’ve never come across any plant or its seedlings for sale anywhere. Perhaps I’m not looking at the right places. I especially like its colours and shape of this hybrid (Den Bengawan Solo x lasianthera).


Den Wendy Lim Shuang Shaung – picture taken at the 20th World Orchid Conference


I have a ‘thing’ for spatulata dendrobiums. I don’t know if it’s because of their unusual corkscrew petalled flowers, or the way they resemble antelopes with their ‘horns’, or because of their sheer size (a plant growing 10 feet or more is not unusual). I have a couple of young plants – nothing as impressive as these showstoppers – but I hope to grow them to the size of giants one day. Large spatulata dendrobiums are always spectacular.


Den Wendy Lim Shuang Shuang