I grow a couple of ornamental gingers for their beauty and the sheer fun of it.  Here is my No ID curcuma blooming currently on short, attractive rosy stalks with small yellow flowers along spiralling cups.

Curcuma with 2 red-pink stalks

Deciduous by nature, this curcuma loses all its leaves toward December. During this time, I move the pot away from the rain (the car porch is best) and let it dry out completely for 2-3 months. The rhizomes can also be dug-out, washed, dried and stored away. You may also find food-storage ‘balls’ along its roots. These do not sprout young shoots if they are accidentally snapped off – only the rhizomes do – but should ideally be left intact as they give the plant a much needed boost when it comes out of ‘sleep’.

The flowers are small and yellow

In March, when watering is resumed, new flower stalks will emerge just before the leaves do.

The flower stalks emerge just before the leaves do

I have no ID on this curcuma. It was bought as a rhizome from the famous Chatuchak market in Bangkok. It could be a curcuma elata, I’m not sure.

The pink top is beautiful

Curcumas are also known as hidden gingers, so named because the flower stalks in some varieties emerge below its lush foliage.