It’s always a little ironic that neglected orchids tend to spike freely whereas the ones you give the most attention to will test your patience. Such is the case with my Catyclia Purple Glory, or better known formerly as Epicattleya Purple Glory (I can’t keep up with the name changes), which seems to flower regularly without much fuss.

Catyclia Purple Glory – photographed with backlight from the sun


Catyclia (Epicattleya) Purple Glory


My Purple Glory is potbound, has weeds in its pot and its leaves are closer to yellow than green because of the full-sun it gets until 2pm. It also has a lot of babies but I’m not in the mood to pull them out for a repot.

Catyclia Purple Glory – plant


The plant may have looked a lot better if I had given this more care. Then again, tough love is good for orchids, I’ve read. Except the expensive ones.

Registered in 1962, Catyclia Purple Glory is a cross between Encyclia adenocaula and Cattleya violacea.


The spike produces branches


Catyclia Purple Glory