Found from Sumatra, Peninsula Malaysia, Sulawesi to New Guinea, this endearing epiphyte orchid has large, interesting flowers that are about 15cm and come in bronze shades. Like many Bulbophyllums, they emit what many describe as an unpleasant scent to attract flies for pollination.


I wish I had taken a better photo of this Bulbo. ‘Unusual’ is probably how I would describe its flowers. I imagine that if they moved, they would turn toward you as you approach them, and say ‘feed me!’. Like something out of ‘The Little Shop Of Horrors’. Pretty cool!

Bulbo grandiflorum is a shade loving orchid that likes moist conditions and grows best when mounted on a tree stump or similar media. Because of its fine roots, any fertiliser given should be diluted at a weaker strength than the label’s recommendation.

Bulbophyllum grandiflorum flower


Bulbo grandiflorum – plant