Bulbophyllum fritillariiflorum (repeat after me: ‘fry-tee-lari-aye-florum’) comes from Papua New Guinea. Like many Bulbophyllums, it is a creeping epiphyte with fascinating ‘shop of horrors’-like flowers. Here, they seemingly face a feeding hand, like monster flowers ready to catch morsels of meat thrown by Igor (or whomever).

Bulbophyllums are fascinating orchids and represent one of the largest genus in the orchid family. Bulbophyllum fritillariiflorum is  but one in over 2,000 species of bulbos found throughout most tropical parts of the world. I am no expert, but B. fritillariiflorum looks like and may be commonly mistaken for B. arfakianum.


Bulbo fritillariiflorum – over here! Throw the crumb!


Bulbophyllum fritillariiflorum