Charming and fragrant at night, Brassavola Little Stars is easy to grow under bright light.

Brassavola Little Stars

B Little Stars is a popular orchid with collectors. It is a hybrid between B nodosa and B subulifolia, two equally attractive species that originate from the West Indies to South America.

B Little Stars – plant

My Brassavola Little Stars gets full sun until about midday, before the shadow of nearby palms start to provide it with some shade. The sun gives the spindle-like leaves a slight red tinge. I leave this plant alone mostly and let the rain do the watering. It doesn’t seem to mind my neglect.
Typically with Brassavolas, the flowers are small and elegant – a large white lip with thin, greenish petals. At night, the flowers smell like citrus.

Brassavola Little Stars – from an orchid show


Brassavola nodosa – one of the parents of B Little Stars. This was an award winner at the 20th World Orchid Conference. Awesome!