Remember this rescued vanda from my friend: Despite looking quite shabby, it has cleverly turned around and bloomed with eight large, beautiful deep red flowers.

No ID red vanda


Red no ID vanda flower

Having lost all its lower leaves, this vanda looked like a palm tree. It won’t make it to the ‘best-of-show’ shortlist for sure, but it has put forth a single flower spike, which is a testament to how responsive vandas are to good growing conditions – bright light, daily watering and air around the roots. And of course, light fertilising once a week helps too.

The ‘palm tree’ vanda. The white pieces in the pot are styrofoam.

When it was given to me, this orchid carried a dubious label: ‘Ascda Yip Sum Wah x Villard’. A quick search at RHS yielded no results for this cross, nor for Ascocenda (more precisely, Vanda) Villard. The closest would be Vanda Wilas, another red beauty that has made its rounds in nursuries and home gardens.

Could it be then, that this is a Vanda Yip Sum Wah x Wilas, a cross registered as Vanda Red Baron? But pictures of Vanda Red Baron show a hybrid of smaller flowers, so it’s very unlikely too. Perhaps its slightly twisty strap leaves would yield a clue.

Names aside, I think this no ID vanda will do nicely under my care. I didn’t have a red vanda anyway, until now.

Emerging spike. Mind the leftover dead scale on its leaves.


Sick vanda

The sick plant before